Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Find Chappy's Pickles?

You can find us at local farmers' markets (stay up-to-date on our location on Instagram!) and you can buy from us online here at

Are Your Pickles Fermented?

No, these are fresh vinegar based pickles that do not go through a fermentation process.

Where Do You Make Your Pickles?

We make our pickles at Foundation Kitchen, which is a certified shared kitchen space in Charlestown, MA.

What Lab Testing Have You Done For Your Pickles?

We work with Alliance Analytical Laboratories in Coopersville, MI to ensure our pickles are at the proper pH level and are safe to consume.

What Food Certifications Do You Have?

We are certified with ServSafe Food Manager Certification and ServSafe Allergen Awareness. We've also received a certification from the City of Boston Health Department to sell our pickles.

How Long Do Your Pickles Last?

Our labratory test results show that our pickles last 60 days refrigeratorated. We are continuing to work with our lab on extending this date. If you buy our pickles, please refer to the date listed on the ingredient label.

Why Is Your Mascot Bear So Cute?

Similar to our pickles, Bear is a mix that creates a perfect combination. She is part Alaskan Malamute, German Shepherd, Labrador, and Basset Hound. This gives her the perfect combination of ultimate cuteness. Also, lots of love from her Dad Sean and Mom Mallory have helped keep her extra cute.