The Chappy Way

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We are committed to creating a fresh pickle that is robust in flavor and consistently delicious in every bite. Each jar is made with locally sourced ingredients and created in small batches to ensure a high-quality product. Each pickle will have it's own creative and artisanal spin that will take your tastebuds and flavor palate to new heights.


Is to create healthy and delicious products that push the creative boundaries for pickled vegetables. We hope to be a cornerstone in the United States for fresh pickled products while simultaneously building up the community around us by staying true locally sourcing our ingredients and investing in the New England area.


A few key words that come mind when thinking of the values that Chappy's Pickles stand by are as follows:

Honest, Consistent, Genuine, Community-Centered, Generous, Innovative, and Creative

Our Pillars of Excellence

Fresh and Flavorful

With every bite we hope you hear that Chappy crunch and taste the delicious flavor that follows with each pickle you eat.

Authentic and Genuine

We put a lot of hard work and dedication to ensure you are receiving the highest quality product possible. We never want to take the fast track and minimize our quality and will always ensure your are receiving a jar that meets the standards of the "Chappy Way".

Unique and Creative

Our hope with each recipe is to push the boundaries of what you thought a pickled product could be and show you a healthier and better option than your standard shelf pickle. We want our flavor profiles and combination of ingredients to put an artisanal spin on each jar.

Locally Sourced and Community Focused

Each jar of Chappy's Pickles will be sourced with ingredients from the New England area. We will focus on giving back to our community and boost small businesses and individuals around us.

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