Meet the Team!


Sean is from Chicago, IL, and has lived in Somerville for almost a decade. He is a foodie and creative who has a degree in Art and Business. He loves to express himself creativity through painting, wood burning, and drawing and also through food!

Sean began pickling during quarantine as a way to share food & connect with his friends and family, and express himself through his unique, and sometimes wild, flavor combinations. He pickled everything from vegetables to fruits (even fish!) and created his own Chicago-style giardiniera to remind him of home.

Sean was inspired to start Chappy's Pickles to bring people joy through food and become more connected to his local community of Somerville.

His favorite pickle flavor is Spicy.


Nate is a true local who grew up in Boston, MA. He spends his days thinking about all things food, and is passionate about high-quality, delicious, and interesting foods. He's usually happiest when cooking, eating a great meal, or learning about food systems and cultures.

In addition, to being food obsessed Nate has an MBA and brings industry experience to the Chappy's team as he works in Finance, specifically focused on helping Small Food Businesses grow. Nate is not only "the finance guy" but contributes to every aspect of the business from of pickle-making to running local farmers markets.

As friends and neighbors in Somerville, Nate and Sean love to run experiments on all sorts of pickles, relishes, and giardinieras.

Nate's favorite pickle flavor is Ranch.


Bear is the Chappy's Pickles mascot and muse. She is extremely sweet with a little bit of spice when she's hungry. Bear is an Alaskan Malamute mix, and it's been rumored she may be the fluffiest dog in Somerville.

Bear is also a foodie and creative (just like her Dad, Sean!) and enjoys spending her days taking long walks, naps, and getting big belly rubs. Her ultimate goal is to one day catch a squirrel, but not for any purpose just to prove she could.

Bear's favorite food is chicken.